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Stealing Mommy's Cookie - Miss Missa

I am baking cookies for my husband who is coming home from out of town. I am not the cooking type, and my son is accompanying me in the kitchen. I am throwing in a little flour, a little sugar, two eggs.. and my son keeps watching me as I bend over in the kitchen. The boy clearly has a thing for me.. and why not.. I am a beautiful woman, and not just his mommy. I like the attention and so I coyly show him a bit more, it starts to get pretty obvious that I am flirting, so I cut to the chase. "Allow me to show off my body to you, darling, and you take it out." I am impressed by his cock. It turns me on to have such a handsome young man watch me, attracted to me, let's forget that I am his Mommy. He starts to get a little too turned on. I want him to cum for me, not touch me! I tell him "a boy ought not touch his Mommy," and I move to the sink to continue to prepare the cookies. My wedding band falls down the sink and I panic! I reach my hand into the disposal and my hand is stuck! I try to pull out, pull, pull, but it's no use. The boy, with his pants around his ankles, tries to pull me out, but his erection is pushing into my soft white panties. He gets turned on again and starts to pull my panties down. I object, but then I feel the warmth, the hardness against my pussy and I object a little less. "Hmm.. it feels good." I grind against him and warn him not to enter me, after all, we must have some limitations. He fucks my pussy lips, and feeling the wet head of his dick slide back and forth my clit turns me on. I start to encourage him to go deeper, deeper, until I maneuver him inside of me. He fucks me and cums all over my pussy and slit. I gather myself. "Grab the baby oil, sweetheart, help me get out of this sink now.." Watch what happens next..