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A Sticky Situation - Miss Missa

My son comes down the stairs and I am so relieved he found me! I have my wrist stuck into the bathroom sink. I was cleaning my ring, and it fell in, when I went to grab it out, I got stuck! He looks below the sink, and peeks way too long under my nightie. "Don't just stare; help!" I am annoyed with him. He then attempts to unscrew the pipe, but keeps brushing against my panties. I tell him to "grab my baby oil," he pours it over my wrist and then nestles in behind me. He tugs, and tugs, and I can feel his erection through his jeans. He then takes off his jeans. I protest a little but I secretly think it's so hot. He grabs my breasts underneath my nightie, he pulls up the nightie, and rubs his cock over my pretty, soft, cotton thong. He teases his cock until we both can't stand it anymore, and then plunges his throbbing cock inside of me. He thrusts until he unloads ropes and ropes of warm cum into my pussy. It drips out, and I get stuck even further into the sink! I want him to really help me out of the sink, I am so ready for round two! SO hot!