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Memoirs of Bad Mommies 12 - Jodi West

Jodi can't believe how many bills have been piling up since her stepson moved back in. Not just groceries and higher utilities, but frivolities like pay-per-view and charging way too much gasoline on the card! Jodi phones her husband to see if he's partly responsible, but finds out that her selfish stepson has been running up the bills with no intention of paying them. Not only that, but when she confronts him in the kitchen, he drinks the last of the milk out of the carton, then tosses the empty container into the already overflowing garbage. "The one thing we asked you to do was take out the garbage and look at this!" Jodi exclaims in frustration. "You have serious entitlement issues, young man. You think you can just help yourself to anything in this house," Jodi says, disgusted. "Levi! You cannot just have anything you want!" Jodi explains, but it's too late. The young but virile man has her up on the counter, pulls off her panties, and starts to eat his stepmother's pussy. She tries to complain, but his take charge attitude, coupled with the sensation between her thighs, strangely excites her to a point beyond control. Before she knows it, he has spun her around and is inside her as she is bent over the cold kitchen counter! The rest is a blur of sweat and pounding flesh as the two release their buried lust. In the end, he pumps wildly into her as she orgasms beyond control on his hard cock. He fires a spray of seed on her as he finishes his quest! In the second scene, Jodi has been trying everything to get the attention of her stepson, Peter. She bought a sexy new dress and brand new shoes, and even did her hair up to no avail. She has even gone so far as to move the young man's computer from his bedroom into the kitchen to stop him from downloading porn and masturbating in private. None of this has worked so she turns to a trusted friend who sends her a special fragrance to try. This new scent is guaranteed to drive any man who smells it wild with LUST with just one drop! She dabs some on and then decides that if one drop will attract a man, what's the worst thing several drops could do? It doesn't take long for him to become entranced and lose all control of what is right and so, so wrong. Her kisses her neck, worships her legs and feet, and soon can't keep his hands off the forbidden woman. Instead of stopping him, Jodi teases him and goads him into going further and further with the taboo seduction. Jodi of course adores and encourages the elusive attention of the young man and uses Peter relentlessly as she makes him fulfill all her wanton desires. One of Jodi's naughtiest, sexiest adventures to date!