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Memoirs of Bad Mommies 9 - Jodi West

Jodi has come home late again from a date with her latest male companion to find her stepson watching TV. and waiting up for her. Her stepson has been very protective of Jodi since his father passed away, and just wants to be sure Jodi is safe. But there is a little more in his behavior, and Jodi can tell something is wrong. Does he not like the gentlemen she has been dating? They have all been very well behaved, even when Jodi didn't want them to be! So what could have made Frankie so upset and waiting up? After a probing conversation, Jodi figures out what has upset him so much. A mixture of jealousy and concern for her! Her stepson is jealous of the male caller, and concern that there might not be as much "special time" between him and Jodi if these relationships continue. Jodi comforts her stepson. "There will always be time for us. I will always make special time for you" Jodi says, as she takes his hand and places it on her stocking clad thigh. "Would you like to have some special time now?" Jodi asks. Frankie nods and she leads him off to the bedroom. As only Jodi can do, she shows her stepson that the Forbidden Taboo Intimate Relationship that they share will not change. The find themselves bringing each other to climax as no one has been able to do. The two familiar bodies intertwine in twisted taboo family love as passions take over reality. When the two are finish, covered in sweat and seed, Jodi lays in her stepson's arms. "Nothing will ever change our special time together" she says, reassuringly..... SCENE TWO Mrs. West is grieving over her recently lost husband. She's very upset over his empty hospital bed when their family lawyer arrives. It seems like there are pressing matters with the estate that she needs to take care of immediately. What could be wrong? Jodi has planned this for over a year, and everything should be taken care of so that she is left with her husband's total wealth. She even manipulated her late husband into cutting his own son out of his will, leaving him with nothing and her with everything! But in the attorneys' office she finds out shocking news. It seems that her late husband never signed the newly drafted will and under the old will Jodi would get nothing! Jodi knew there had to be a way to change this and that this lawyer was one of the pieces to the puzzle. "There is nothing that can be done ethically" The attorney says to her. She runs his hand up her skirt..." Maybe not ethically, but there must be a way..." Jodi replies, and soon is sexually convincing him that he has to find a way to make this work. Jodi's sexual prowess soon convinces him that if there is a will, there is a way, and if she got her step-son to sign the will as power of attorney, she could get everything! Jodi seals the deal by having the attorney fuck her hard on his desk and shoot semen all over her thigh high stocking covered ass. She pulls her skirt down without even cleaning up, "we have a deal, I get junior to sign these papers, and the new will goes into effect and I get everything. I will see you and your wife at the funeral" Jodi confirms just before leaving. Jodi's step-son is grieving over his Father's casket. What was he going to do now...? Jodi walks in with the new will and talks to her Step-son "There are things you need to take care of before everyone arrives for the service. You need to be the man of the house now" Jodi attempts to have the young man sign the paperwork, but he balks at the timing. She knows she has to take a different tact. "There are benefits with being the man of the house. Benefits that your Father enjoyed, and now you get to enjoy." Jodi runs her step-sons hand up her side and then places it on her breast. She presses against her Step-son and feels his cock growing in his pants for her. "Let me show you some of the other assets you get when you are the man of the house" Jodi says and is soon placing his cock against her ass cheeks, tempting him mercilessly right beside his father's coffin. Soon her step-son will do anything to have Jodi relieve his pent-up frustration. "You can even take your Father's place and move into the Master Suite with me" She taunts him as he is begging for release. "All you have to do is take care of business and be the man of the house. That starts with signing the papers" Peter reaches up and signs the documents on his own Father's casket. Not being able to read them, he has to take his manipulative mother's word that they are in his best interest. Soon after he is shooting his seed at the hands of his conniving Step-mother. "There you go. Now clean up and get you suit on before everyone gets here." Jodi takes the new will and folds it carefully way. Her plan has worked!